My Story…
DON’T SUGAR COAT IT – My Life as a Glamorous Sugar Baby!
So this is me – I am not going to Sugar Coat this but after more than six years in the sugar bowl, I may have obtained a more secure financial life but I am not 100% sure it was the right choice for me because the lifestyle changes you!

Seriously, if you’re in the sugar bowl already or thinking about getting into it you need to be aware of some of the highs and lows that I learned first hand. No one taught me the ropes and by golly, I wish someone had helped me spot trouble coming or showed me how to negotiate the best arrangement to my advantage.

Either way, I hope my story helps someone  – at least I hope you enjoy reading my experiences and maybe improving where I messed up so that you can enjoy the benefits of the lifestyle AND still be the best person you can be emotionally, intellectually and physically!


My name is Simone Sugar.

I spent 6 years as a sugar baby and have been a Mistress/the other woman to a few successful and MARRIED men prior to that.

I was a successful businesswoman for many years becoming addicted to the Sugar Lifestyle. My secret addiction to money, sex and relationships with married men has been going on for most of my life.

It’s a buzz and a real rush, all kept confidential in my real world , of course!

I am out looking for a creative outlet to share my experiences, and use my knowledge and experience more productively.

So ask me anything!